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This type of visa will come in handy when you need to
  • - Travelling for short term study or research as part of a degree course
  • - Travelling for long term study at any level
  • - You meet other eligibility requirements
When you should Apply

In most cases, you can apply for this type of visa 3-6 months before date of travel/resumption of study

How long does it take to Process

This processing times usually varies between countries for different nationalities, but you should get a decision on your visa application between 3 weeks to 3 months. Specific processing times will be provided upon consultation

How long you can stay

The stay period varies between countries for different nationalities, but the general rule is that you may be able to stay for the entire duration of your course or research. Your visa will normally state how long you are allowed to stay. Specific stay period will be provided upon consultation.

How to Get a Visit Visa with Visapoint
  1. Share your Travel Information
  2. Speak with a dedicated consultant to guide you with specific information on admission requirements, tuition fees, funding opportunities, living costs and study conditions.
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